Notre Dame Taking Page From SEC

Notre Dame has been on the wrong end of most bowl games in recent memory. Realistically they have been on the wrong end of most major matchups over the last 10 years. But despite the poor results, the tide has been changing in the last few years.

Notre Dame is coming off an undefeated regular season and have had multiple 10 win seasons over the last few years. But if the playoff game was proof of anything, we all witnessed that the Fighting Irish have a ways to go.

While they may be a way off, Notre Dame has closed the gap considerably. Brian Kelly was able to continue to develop as a coach and buck a few trends since his 4-8 season. One of those was improved recruiting and it is in large part due to Mike Elston.

The SEC has some of the best defensive line play in the country and is a main reason for their dominance. Clemson also put their defensive line on display and it was a major reason they had such a strong defense.

Elston has been recruiting at an incredibly high level bringing defensive line talent like Hunter Spears, Jacob Lacey and Isaiah Foskey in the 2019 class. He followed that up by bringing in Rylie Mills and Jordan Botelho in the 2020 class.

Notre Dame is coming into the 2019 season with one of the best defensive end groups in the nation. They have a growing case as offensive linemen U and thanks to Elston, Notre Dame is bringing in high end defensive linemen. They only thing missing is elite skill position players. But that could be changing, soon.

Notre Dame is the favorite to land the number one all-purpose back in the country, Chris Tyree. They also landed a top 50 player in receiver, Jordan Johnson.

An elite offensive line, top quality defensive linemen and a haul of elite athletes is the making of a quality SEC team. While Notre Dame isn’t having the overhaul of five stars like Clemson or Alabama, they are closing the gap.

It may have taken longer then expected, but Notre Dame is building up the roster and close to being in that elite level of talent. Elston was named a top 25 recruiter in the nation by 247 Sports and Notre Dame has been recruiting Nationally almost as good as anyone. They currently have the eighth ranked class but if Tyree commits on May 23rd, that number should jump up. That will also likely give Notre Dame two, five star players come signing day.

This is still a work in progress, but it is a good time to be a fan of the Fighting Irish.

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  1. I have prayed a Novena to the Blessed Mother and asked her for her help in letting this be our year to go all the way!!!

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