How Mike Leach Will Have an Impact on USC This year

If you’re a college football junkie then you remember that play vividly. One, because it was such an awesome game. Two, Michael Crabtree went on to have a successful NFL career. So every year when you draft him in the fourth round of you’re fantasy football you think about this play and tell yourself “this is the year he reaches that all-pro level.” He doesn’t, but none the less, a solid career.

But what about the guy throwing the ball? Do you remember him?

If I asked you who has the NCAA record for most career completed passes, who would you guess? Manning? Couch? Mayfield? Hell, Tebow played for ever he’s gotta be up there, right? All wrong.

Graham Harrell.


Thats right, Graham Harrell holds 8 NCAA records. And he’s close on two dozen more, including second all time in passing yards in a season with 5.705 yards, and third in career touchdown passes.

So they guy can sling it, whats that got to do with anything? Well, he is exhibit A of why you run the Air Raid offense. And that’s all thanks to Mike Leach.

And now Graham Harrell will be taking the PHD he got in the air raid from professor leach and using it against Leach, as Harrell is now the OC for the Trojans. Why is this a good thing for the Trojans? Well, proven here, Mike Leach has a pretty good history of his players and coaches going on to crush it in college football.

And given Washington States recent success in the Pac 12 under Mike Leach, its safe to say Mike Leach’s Air Raid offenses will have a big impact in Southern Cal.

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