Will Grier to the Panthers

The North Carolina Kid is heading home to play with the Carolina Panthers. With the 100th pick in the 2019 NFL draft Will Grier was selected by the Carolina panthers.

After sliding further then we had all hoped, Grier will get his shot to play in the NFL. With Cam Newton the established franchise QB, Will is the backup for now. However Cam has been prone to injurys over the years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point this season Grier gets to step on the field for some live action. Cam had shoulder surgery this off season, the second shoulder procedure he’s had in two years.

Will Grier is a perfect fit for the Panthers because their offense resembles what the Mountaineers ran. Largely because Cam Newton worked out of the spread in college, so the panthers tailored the offense for him. Now Grier can step and find a situation very similar to what he ran in Morgantown.

If Will Grier can get a shot in the pros, theres no doubt in my mind he can make the most of it.

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