Even Fans Are Torn on Miami QB Battle

There are three quarterbacks currently fighting for the starting spot in Miami. But if you were to ask most Miami faithfully, this is a two man race. Both Tate Martell and N’Kosi Perry have been trying to prove they are the answer to a QB problem. It was looking like Perry could run away with it until Martell kept things interesting at the end of Spring.

Martell Overcomes Early Struggles

It looked like Martell could be in some serious trouble throughout most of the Spring. Practice reports were far from glowing and he was regulated to working with the third and fourth stringers. It was not the plan for Martell who some called the savior to the Miami Hurricanes quarterback problem. But that all changed with the last Spring game.

Martell went 6 of 10 with with 154 yards and two touchdowns. Martell also did some damage to the opposing defense on the ground but the air attack had many worried. To see Martell bounce back and make this a competition is a great site for many. I was critical of Martell since his departure from Ohio State but he deserves credit. He is learning a new system with new players and has been criticized by more than a handful of people. He has now made this interesting but it won’t be easy for him.

N’Kosi Perry

The highly touted four star and top 200 player was much anticipated by Miami fans once he signed on with the Hurricanes. After a redshirt year, Perry was finally able t make his debut and take over for Malik Rosier. But 2018 was rocky and it wouldn’t last. Once he threw two interceptions in the first half of Virginia, he was pulled for Rosier. He would have to wait until November of that year to get another chance and finished November 2-1 as the starter.

Then there was the sexually explicit Snapchat’s that almost cost him a suspension in the Pinstripe Bowl. This has been a major sticking point with fans that want Martell over Perry. Is it stupid and immature, yes. But this is far from the most egregious thing he could have done. But now with a new focus and learning from his mistakes, it is time to look towards 2019.

Perry needed to fix his completion percentage (51%) from last season and clean up some young mistakes. Unsure about what we would see going into the Spring, Perry didn’t disappoint.

Perry wrapped up the Spring going 9 of 13 for 145 yards and a touchdown. This was his second strong day and he has been the more consistent of the two throughout Spring. It actually wasn’t looking much like a competition between Martell and Perry. If anything, Jarren Williams was making some noise this Spring. But Perry is also in year three at Miami and is familiar with the system and players around him. He also has more live game action and has proven he can play at a high level.

This isn’t locked up by any means and Coach Diaz has said this will roll over into the Spring. The real winners of this is the fans of the Hurricanes. If Perry turns out to not be the guy and Martell was a bust, Things would look pretty bleak for 2019. If Martell can keep trending in the right direction, this could be one of the bigger story lines in college football this fall.

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