Nobody Puts Wide Recievers in the NFL Like West Virginia

Next weekend Gary Jennings and David Sills will be drafted between the third round and fifth round in the NFL draft. When they do, it’ll bring the Mountaineers WR count up to ten since the year 2000. Kevin White and Tavon Austin were high profile top ten picks, and Mario Alford was an after thought taken in the seventh round. But regardless of they’re draft position, they all made it to the league after spending time in Morgantown. Compare that number to Notre Dames 9, a school that some would say has a very rich history (I’ll say its overrated), and you can see that West Virginia is putting receivers in the league at the same rate as the blue chip schools.

And its only going to continue. Last year redshirt sophomore TJ Simmons caught 28 passes for 341 yards and a touchdown, while only starting six games. And when he was on the field he was Will Griers third option at best because of the two NFL receivers ahead of him. But going into the 2019 season Simmons will be the number one guy along side Marcus Simms. And when they’ve been able to get the ball into TJ’s hands he’s made big plays.

I expect to see a lot more of these types of plays this season, and potentially on Sundays the year after.

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