WVU Mountaineers’ Defense Dominates In Spring, Will It Last?

The Defense shinoed in the Gold-Blue spring game

The Gold team won 25-9 against the Blue in the annual Gold-Blue Spring game. Aside from the all the uniform hype, the spring game provided a unique look into the future of the 2019 Mountaineers. After this game, fans and analysts are left wondering, is this Mountaineers defense as good as it seems? If so, will it last?

Quarterbacks were restricted to average stats: Allison was 11 for 24, Kendall was 5 fr 8, and Lowe was 6 for 11. Keep in mind QBs were deemed sacked via “air tackle”. Essentially no QB was allowed to get hit. With that said
neither team had much success running the football. The Gold was officially credited with 81 yards on 32 attempts.

So it looks like the Mountaineers defense played pretty well. This could have lasting positive impacts for WVU as they’ve struggled defensively in the past. I urge fans to proceed with caution for a few reasons. 1) This is an inter squad scrimmage – they’re used to these plays, 2) QB’s were “restricted” and were not allowed to be hit, and 3) Neal Brown stated
“We just didn’t block well in the run game,” – it looks like he is scolding his o-line rather than praising his d – line.

Although not much is said about the defense specifically, Vic K had this to say about the game as a whole:

Ultimately, It’s too early to tell. With that said I wouldn’t bet on WVU’s defense this year solely based off this game considering the circumstances. However, WVU has added some solid players to their defensive core and they certainly show potential.

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