Michigan Players Scoff at Comments From Former Wolverine

Greg Mattison was the former defensive coordinator at Michigan before flipping to Ohio State. If that wasn’t bad enough for Wolverine fans, he dropped a “school up North” comment.

To say Wolverine players, both past and present, were upset would be an understatement.

College football is a sport filled with passion and rivalry. Michigan players and fans have all the right to be upset with a coach flipping to their biggest rival. But Michigan has to become relevant first and earn a reason for the hate. Ohio State and Urban Meyer have bent Jim Harbaugh and Co. over their knee since 2012. Ohio State is on a current seven game win streak and approaching the record of nine wins held by Michigan.

Ohio State has owned the rivalry of late and are closing in on a win streak that is over 100 years old. Now the Buckeyes are poaching coaches too. At some point Michigan has to get some self worth and win one eventually. Until then, enjoy the rivalry Buckeyes.

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