West Virginia Receiver Position Set to Reload

Losing players like Jennings and Sills would be tough for any team to endure. Both were highly productive and a crucial part of the aerial attack led by Will Grier. While they may not be able to be able to surpass the output in 2018, the West Virginia receiving core is going to reload instead of rebuild.

Marcus Simms has been around for the past few seasons and has shown his ability to bust the big play. His longest reception of 82 yards last season is impressive in its own right. But Simms will need a compliment as he can’t do everything himself. Enter T.J. Simmons.

Simmons started his career at Alabama and earned playing time in 12 games as a Freshman. Most came from special teams but he also earned his way into the receiver rotation. Something like that isn’t the norm for a Freshman at Alabama and shows how talented he is. After sitting out in 2017 because of transfer rules, Simmons showed that he can contribute on a stacked roster.

Simmons was the fourth leading receiver in 2018 and had 28 catches for 341 yards and a touchdown. Sharing a position with Marcus Simms, Gary Jennings and David Sills is a tough lineup to crack. Now with Jennings and Sills off to the NFL, it is Simmons and Simms time to shine.

That is a perfect example of what Marcus Simms can do. With that much separation, it won’t matter who wins the QB battle this Fall. Simms has been on the rise over the past two seasons and I don’t expect this to change.

This play was just a great example of what T.J.Simmons can do. Nothing flashy but shows how strong he is. Maybe this next play is a better example.

Simmons nearly put that guy into the stands. He is a great compliment to the speed of Simms. Simmons has great, physical play and blocking ability. Match that up with good hands and the able to make plays in tight spaces, the passing attack should be in solid shape.

Gone are the days of David Sills but that is the landscape of College football. West Virginia has quite a bit of turnover, but the receivers should shine on a team surrounded by questions.

Let us know what you think below! Is this group going to be able to put up similar production or is there too much of a gap?

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