Michigan Garners Praise; Notre Dame Doubted

We are still a few month from the season but the spread for some big games have been announced. Notre Dame has had three games announced for 2019 and the spread for one is head scratching.

Notre Dame Vs Georgia

This line opened at 11.5. That seems like a steep line, but it is understandable. The game is at Georgia and the Bulldogs are a proven commodity under Kirby Smart. While I think that 11.5 is a bit of a steep spread, it makes sense. Georgia snuck past Notre Dame in South Bend in 2017 with then Freshman, Jake Fromm. Now Notre Dame playing in Athens is going to be an uphill fight.

Saying Notre Dame won’t stand a chance is just incorrect. Notre Dame has been building quite the roster since their 4-8 season. The Fighting Irish could put it all together in 2019. They will arguably have the best edge rusher rotation and returning QB, Ian Book. But also to scoff at Georgia being a heavy favorite would be unrealistic.

Jake Fromm is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Kirby Smart has been also backed Fromm up by bringing some of the best skill position players in the country. Notre Dame has a relatively young team but they have experience. Notre Dame has played in the brightest of lights so they should be ready for a prime time game in Athens. 11.5 is steep but this isn’t my issue with the early lines.

Notre Dame Vs Michigan

And here it is, the game that is out of touch. Michigan opened up as a 8.5 favorite for their matchup in 2019. Michigan gets 3 points for playing at home but they are not 5.5 points better on a neutral field. Notre Dame and Michigan have both set trends in recent years as they move in different directions.

Notre Dame renewed the rivalry and beat
Michigan 24-17 last season

Notre Dame has been disrespected and doubted for the last few years. some of it is warranted when it comes to the bowl game, but Notre Dame typically gets ranked lower and viewed as worse than they are. Michigan, since hiring Harbaugh, have been looked at as a serious threat and constantly get put on a pedestal. Both are wrong.

Harbaugh is a great coach but has never won the big game. They scored one offensive touchdown against Notre Dame last Season. They were run off the field when they played Ohio State. They blew their chance in a bowl game against a good not great Florida team. Michigan is a good, not great team that goes in with all of the preseason hype. Every year they disappoint and the next season they are thrust back up before letting everyone down.

On the flip side, Notre Dame is constantly under sold. For a team that has won 10 games in three of the last four seasons, the media gets shocked every year. Notre Dame has not won a major bowl game in years. On top of that, they also get blown out any time they make an appearance in a NY6 bowl game. So Notre Dame getting ignored is understandable but Michigan getting the preferential treatment is aggravating.

Michigan lost the core of their defense and Shea Patterson has been disappointing. We keep hearing out Harbaugh being the QB whisperer but he has fallen far short in his Michigan tenure. Michigan will be a good team next season. But if i had to place a bet, I would hammer Notre Dame +8.5.

Notre Dame Vs USC

Notre Dame plays USC at home and they opened as an 8.5 favorite. There really isn’t much to say because of the downfall of USC. The Trojans still have some athletes but they have been in a tail spin. Clay Helton hasn’t been the answer and the team may or may not be filled with Aunt Becky’s family members. 8.5 points seems fair and is a number that will see action on both side, exactly what they’re looking for.

Notre Dame will once again have to prove the country wrong. saying that Notre Dame is more than a touchdown underdog to Michigan is absurd. The season can’t start soon enough.

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