Will Grier Dominates Pro Day

Grier was incredibly talented and garnered praise in his town in Morgantown. He was considered a high draft prospect during the 2018 season. But as the offseason moves on, he has started to become the forgotten QB.

Grier seemed to be slipping down draft boards but some positive news just came out of West Virginia.

Grier obviously has his flaws, like most college players, but he could be in a great spot. Grier could benefit sitting for a year or two in a good system.

As good as Grier is, he isn’t that generational talent. Nothing wrong with that, very few are. We witnessed the train wreck of Deshone Kizer going to the Browns. Not that Grier is the same player or will have the same fate. But forcing an unready QB into a bad team before he is ready could ruin their career. Once the confidence starts to wane it typically goes down hill.

Will Grier going to the Saints or Patriots could set him up for the long haul. The talented QB could learn the mental side of the game and has more then enough physical talent.

Grier deserves the praise he earned throughout his college career. With a strong performance possibly sending him up the draft board, Grier gets the attention and could end up in a solid system. West Virginia will be well represented during the draft.

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