Tom Herman Could Officially Have Texas Back

It has been a running joke the last few seasons. People have been asking if Texas was back but the answer was always “No”. Texas had flirted with being a team becoming a National powerhouse again but would continually screw it up. Last season changed the tide.

When no. 19 Texas defeated the seventh ranked Oklahoma Sooners, some buzz picked back up. The week one loss to Maryland could have been fluke and Texas was on to bigger and better things. A heart breaking loss to West Virginia and an ugly rematch with Oklahoma all but knocked Texas back down a peg. But then there was a big bowl win against Georgia. SEC fans will claim that Georgia wasn’t trying or they didn’t care. But that was a major win.

The best way to describe the 2018 season would be a whole lot of ups and downs. But overall it was a very good year with a lot of growth and helped pave the way to a bright future. Ehlinger made major strides in his play from his Freshman to Sophomore season. He increased his completion percentage seven points, had two less interceptions in five more games and the offense was becoming more dynamic.

Tom Herman followed a great season up with the number three recruiting class in the country and the number one and two ranked athletes. Herman hired on Larry Fedora which should help open up the offense even more. Now with the Tate Martell news, it looks like top ten recruit, Bru McCoy should get to play in 2019. McCoy originally signed with USC but with the departure of Kliff Kingsbury, McCoy was out of Southern California a few days later.

To sum everything up, Tom Herman has been impressive with his rebuild of Texas. There were questions early in his tenure and he still has a ways to go. To officially be a contender the losses to the Maryland’s has to stop. Next season Texas has to take on LSU out of conference and the Big 12 schedule. With Oklahoma still waiting to be knocked off, Texas has to prove that these top five classes and development are paying off. Iowa State is that middle of the pack team that a few major wins over the last couple seasons.

2019 is the year to get rid of the joke and Texas to officially plant it’s flag into being a true contender. Tom Herman needs to do what Charlie Strong was supposed to. Texas now has the resources, the players and is out of excuses.

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