Kyler Murray Impresses NFL Scouts At Pro Day

Despite not showing at the combine, Kyler Murray had an impressive pro day at Oklahoma University.

Here are a few take away points from Kyler Murray’s Pro day.


  • Foot-work
  • Accuracy
  • Quick release
  • Athleticism?


  • Size
  • Durability

Murray’s pro day went exactly how we expected.. He was an ace in the pocket and that was it. He didn’t run a 40, do a vertical, or show us any other athletic prowess. Why? Well, because he didn’t need to. We already know Kyler Murray is one hell of an athlete. Murray showed us exactly what NFL teams needed to see- his ability as a passer.

What really stood out was his foot-work and accuracy. Murray seemed extremely confident and was able to hit targets one way while moving the opposite – an important skill for an NFL QB. There is still some discrepancy on his height, but he did weigh in at 205 lbs. Again this is nothing new but begs the question: will his size affect his durability?

Kyler Murray was impressive at his Pro day at OU
Kyler Murray at his Pro day at OU

What’s Next?

According to reporters from the NFL Network and Sports Illustrated there were a few teams interested in Kyler Murray’s Pro day. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur and Bengals head coach Zac Taylor were in attendance. No one from the Arizona Cardinals organization attended… HOWEVER,
Arizona is expected to hold a private workout with Murray at a later date.

So we don’t know what’t next.. There are still quite a few mock drafts showing Murray going no. 1 overall to Arizona, but only time will tell. Interest from the Giants and Bengals should make for an eventful off season.

Where do you want to see Kyler Murray go? Let us know in the comment section!

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