The Case For West Virginia and the ACC

Just to start a debate and look at possible realignment in the coming years, lets look at West Virginia. The Big 12 is on the rise and an incredibly fun conference to watch. For all that it does right, the Big 12 has its own issues too. So would it be the right move to make the jump for the Mountaineers?

The Case For

West Virginia and the ACC could be a perfect match for a number of reasons. The first being that the rivals of the Mountaineers are in the ACC. , Pitt and Virginia Tech play in the ACC. Both are also a lot closer then the likes of Oklahoma State and Baylor. Morgantown falls right in the heart of ACC country which would bring back all their rivalries yearly. But it would also be a huge help in recruiting.

The pipeline in the state of Florida never really took hold like expected. Recruiting in Texas hasn’t been much better when trying to convince kids to leave home and travel that far North. Now if attention was turned to the likes of Ohio, Maryland and Virginia it could be easier to sway a recruit. The travel wouldn’t be as difficult and recruiting in the region you play doesn’t become such an uphill battle.

The Case Against

Since the Big East folded in 2011, West Virginia has called the Big 12 home. This has created quite a few games that are must watch every year for the Mountaineers. Oklahoma State comes to mind when thinking about some great games of the last few seasons. It may not be Pitt but they have started to fan the flames of a new rivalry.

The Big 12 is also on the come up and could explode in the next few years. The Big 12 will be the next “free agent” for a new television network to pick them up. This will likely mean more money, better facilities and their own network. Football is king in America and seeing how they will become the first available, it could become quite the payday. This will also benefit West Virginia and help entice recruits with new facilities and better TV coverage.

While both have positive and negatives , West Virginia would be in a good spot with both. I don’t see the Mountaineers leaving the Big 12 any time soon but it could happen down the road. Neal Brown has more then enough to focus on taking over a new program and this wouldn’t even be an after thought. But as the offseason drags on, a debate about hypotheticals can help the days move quicker to kick-off.

Would you rather see West Virginia stay in the Big 12 or would you welcome a move to the ACC? Let us know below!

10 thoughts on “The Case For West Virginia and the ACC

  1. Maryland is not in the ACC, they are in the Big 10. Credibility of this article and it’s cont just went flying right out the window with that……

  2. i only see the state of maryland mentiond for recruiting purposes. i cant find anywhere in the article that says maryland is in the acc. i have akeays thought wvu would be better off in the acc

  3. I really like the Big12 & i think we’re a really good fit culturally, but a really bad geographic fit.
    The ACC is a has a mix of different cultures, so we’d be a good fit culturally too. Plus the ACC is a great fit geographically.
    I like the Big12, but I’d much rather be in the ACC.

  4. WVU has been rejected on 3 different occasions by the ACC. We went to Big 12 because it was the best opportunity at the time. Almost impossible to go to a away game.

  5. ACC, Big 10, or SEC would all have been better for WVU. We have rivalries in each of those conferences from days gone by. ACC- VT, PITT Big 10-MD,PennState SEC, Kentucky, Duke. Mountaineer fans could have traveled to away games also. i hate the Big 12!

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