Marquise “Hollywood” Brown To The NFL – Is It The Right Choice?

Marquise Brown at Oklahoma

Oklahoma has had an extremely potent offense the past decade and in the year 2017, Marquise Brown was a large part of that. As a sophomore,
Marquise “Hollywood” Brown averaged 19.2 yards per reception for 1,095 yards on 57 catches with seven touchdowns. So Brown has the ability to perform well against top level talent. We saw this against Georgia in the CFB playoffs when he had eight receptions for 114 yards. In 2018 his stats were just as good if not better – 75 receptions for 1318 yards and 10 TDs (averaging 17.6 yards/reception)

It’s easy to see Marquise Brown is a high caliber WR in college football, but did he make the right choice going for the 2019 NFL draft? We’ll take a quick look at his strengths and weaknesses and how they could manifest in the NFL.

Marquise Brown Highlights: Oklahoma-West Virginia 2018 | Stadium


  • Separation
  • Speed
  • Explosive/ Second Gear Speed
  • Reliable Hands
  • Quick Feet
  • Good Vision
  • Experienced Against High Level Corners
  • Clutch Player
  • Can Immediately Contribute

Marquise Brown is no stranger to big name opponents and has the speed to play at the next level. We’ve seen he has proven his ability to be a scoring threat on almost any play.


  • Very skinny
  • Lacks height
  • Lacks length

This means Brown could struggle physically against NFL corners. For example, Brown could lose more 50/50 balls than other WRs and he will likely have trouble getting off the initial jam.

Marquise Brown will enter the 2019 NFL Draft
Marquise Brown will enter the 2019 NFL Draft

NFL or College

Did Marquise Brown make the right decision? It looks to me that he did. Brown should not have stayed at OU. “Hollywood” has almost everything he needs to be a serious weapon in the NFL. The only thing holding him back right now is his size. With that said, his size is not a reason to wait out the draft. Teams will go after him because of his ability to spread the field and burn corners will his extreme speed. With the strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionists in the NFL I have no doubt any team will be able to add 10-15 pounds on this kid making him an even more reliable WR.

The timing was right with his decision, Brown is coming fresh off of 2 amazing seasons and his stock is high – so now’s the time to sell. I could see him going in day 2 of the draft..

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So do you think Brown made the right decision? Let us know in the comment section.

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