Can Alabama Stay On Top After Massive Turnover?

Alabama has 11 players going to the NFL and a host of coaches taking other jobs. This is nothing new in Tuscaloosa as turnover and players leaving has become the norm. But year after year, something has to change, right?

Turnover in the college ranks is something that is to be expected. everyone is looking to better their career and move from positions coach to a coordinator or coordinator to head coach. Nick Saban has seen coaches leave for greener pastures but still maintains the dynasty. As Saban’s coaching tree grows so does his legacy as he fills the trophy case. We are truly all living during the greatest college football dynasty, ever.

Saban Maintains Alabama Greatness

Everyone is waiting for the downfall as Alabama has maintained dominance for a decade. Players and coaches come and go with the seasons but something remains constant. It is the greatest college coach of all time that some call the devil himself.

Nick Saban comes from humble begins in West Virginia and played his college football at Kent State. That isn’t quite what people would consider the makings of a legend. But Saban has proven through a dedication to the game and grinding on the recruiting trail, he was here for the a good time AND a long time.

The NFL has 44 players from Alabama on their rosters. 65 players have been drafted from Alabama in the last 10 years and Nick Saban has five national championships nine SEC championships. He has a coaching tree that includes the likes of Kirby Smart, Mark Dantonio, Jimbo Fisher and Lane Kiffin to start. Saban has been showing the world his brillance, as much as they have had enough, he isn’t done.

Could The Alabama Dynasty End?

So Saban has another tall order in front of him. The QB that was a main reason they beat Georgia is off to Oklahoma. A major amount of players that contributed to the 2018 success are headed to the NFL and the coaches that helped are gone. So whats next? Only one of the best recruiting classes in 247 history.

To all the Alabama haters, I am going to issue a formal apology, the dynasty isn’t going anywhere. If the recruiting classes were taking a dip there could be an argument for the coach turnover. But with the classes getting stronger and Saban at the helm, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Saban will keep Alabama dynasty alive with strong recruiting class and insane football IQ.
Nick Saban

Saban will continue developing the best defenses in the country and he has finally found a QB. As long as one man continues his run in Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide will continue to roll.

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