Justin Fields Will Take Ohio State Over the Top

Justin Fields was the talk of the country when he announced his intentions to transfer from Georgia. Fields came in from the 2018 class as the number one overall QB. He also touted the third highest grade for a QB in the modern recruit ranking history. So to say that Fields is talented would be an understatement. But does he have enough to bring Ohio State back to a title? Not likely.

Ryan Day’s Impact on Justin Fields

Justin Fields will likely be a Heisman finalist in due time and will develop into a one of the best players sooner then later. So the reason for Fields not getting Ohio State there right away will be his youth and lack of time in a new system. Ryan Day has proven he can work with quarterbacks and does a great job developing them. J.T. Barrett had a stats boost once Day took over and Haskins had one of the best Big Ten seasons ever.

As much positive as you can say about both of those players, this isn’t an accident. Only time will tell if Day can run a program and get a team ready and focused through a long season. But Day has shown he can develop Justin Fields and he can recruit. Ohio State was in turmoil with Urban Meyer on the way out but Day has righted the ship with the recruits. Ohio State was able to land three 5 star recruits and are proving they won’t miss a step in the recruiting department.

Ryan Day is going to have a huge impact on Justin Fields success  at Ohio State
Ohio State HC Ryan Day

2019 Schedule

The biggest hope for Ohio State is the weaker schedule they have in 2019. Michigan and Penn State will be the most difficult games they have coming in the last two weeks. Harbaugh has proven he can’t win the big game and Penn State could cause some issues but the game is in Columbus which will only help. The real problem will be a collapse like the Purdue game in 2018. That might feel outplayed at this point but it has been an issue the last few season. Ohio State has had problems avoiding a collapse against a weaker team.

Now Ohio State will have to put their trust into someone with all the talent in the world but very little game experience. It isn’t impossible for Ohio State to run the table with a young QB, plenty have done it. It is just the perfect storm of a new coach and new, young QB as this team enters a new era.

Day isn’t an outside hire and seems like he will be the next big coach in college football. They also open with Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati and Indiana so they will have time to find their way. Cincinnati made some noise last season but also play in the AAC so they’re good not great. I could look back at this in November and be totally wrong because Justin Fields is just the next phenom. Ohio State is in good hands and has a bright foreseeable future. But a National Championship is likely still a year or two off.

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