What’s Next For Brian Kelly

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The narrative was started long ago and the playoff just fanned the flames. After Notre Dame drops yet another big game in the Brian Kelly era, its worth asking, what is next for Brian Kelly?

Kelly has been a hot button topic for Notre Dame fans for years. He has done enough to make Notre Dame relevant but they always seem to fall apart in the big moments. So it really comes down to if Notre Dame would be better off moving on from Brian Kelly. To answer that you really have to wonder who would replace him.

Notre Dame would need to find a high profile coach to replace Brian Kelly if he were to get fired, but is Notre Dame still a high profiled job? It has history, great facilities and a rabid fan base. But it also has tough academics and won’t let players skate by.

It wasn’t long ago that Notre Dame suspended their starting QB for cheating on a mid term. I could be wrong but I don’t think a school like that buys into the win at all costs even if you have to cheat. The rumors have swirled around college sports about their athletes being paid and getting gifts to come to certain schools. When Hugh Freeze was busted at Ole Miss, a few anonymous sources said the entire SEC knew Freeze was buying recruits. The issue was they were doing the same.

I’m not saying that every school cheats or you have to cheat to be successful, you don’t. But Notre Dame also takes the student athlete tag very seriously and it would scare some coaches off. Notre Dame could still be an elite program and I would say they are still a blue chip school. But the deck is stacked against them is the point I am trying to make.

Brian Kelly isn’t a top three coach but he is a damn good coach when looking at college football. Brian Kelly should stay at Notre Dame for the foreseeable future if he chooses to. Charlie Weis was considered a big get as a coach coming from New England. With Brian Kelly you know what you have and generally know what you get.

This is a coach that will keep a team in the hunt and every few years put a dream season together. His legacy is also not set in stone, he can still get a win and has shown growth and progress the last two years. Things look bleak after a blowout loss but just take a step back and look at the entire picture. An undefeated season and a team that got to their first playoff berth. Clemson has been there the last few seasons and was ready for the moment. This is a moment to learn and grow so dumping Kelly means a total start over. Kelly may or may not be the answer, but what superstar coach is beating Notre Dame’s door down?

Let us know what you think below! Is Brian Kelly the coach of the future or does Notre Dame need to move on?

2 thoughts on “What’s Next For Brian Kelly

  1. As I recall the margin of victory for Clemson over Notre Dame was about the same as Clemson’s margin of victory over Alabama for the national championship therefore we lost to a national championship team that beat a former national champion by about the same margin I don’t think the team has anything to feel bad about they were just beaten by a better team and hats off to Clemson. many times the hallmark of a great team they make the other team look bad when the losing team really is better than they look; the winner is just the better team that day.
    I don’t know if Clemson‘s football players are student athletes or athletes who happen to be students but I doubt seriously that they could compare to the academic caliber of student athlete that plays at Notre Dame. But if the only objective is to beat everybody and win all the football games then I guess academics just doesn’t really matter as long as we see it for what it is….professional entertainment provided by unpaid athletes hoping to one day play on Sundays for pay.
    In my opinion the game has to be won by the players not the coaches who have been responsible for their preparation but cannot possibly dictate the win from the sidelines
    Ken Taylor
    ND Class of 1973
    P. S. Please forgive the typos…this comment was dictated and could not be edited!

  2. Brian Kelly is a great coach. Period… Name one coach that will come in and show better numbers. Lou Holt has 1 championship at N.D and good winning season’s. And he is a legendary coaching figure at N.D… What so different? Nothing! Brian Kelly you are special and NOTRE DAME nation thanks you..#1 GO IRISH!!!!

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