Would a Win Sunday Put Brees Over Rodgers?

This is a discussion that has been had since Rodgers won his Super Bowl right after Brees. The early part of the decade featured the Packers and Saints as some of the NFC elites.

When you ask anyone who the best QB’s in the NFL today are, Brees always comes up short. He isn’t the first to come to mind for most people, but would another Super Bowl put him above everyone but Brady over the last decade?

The Case For Rodgers

Aaron Rogers has a leg up when looking strictly at NFL MVP’s, Drew Brees has never won the award. Meanwhile Rodgers has taken it home twice and also has beaten out Brees for AP All-Pro first team honors two to one.

The best case for Rodgers would be interceptions. Rodgers has have of the interceptions that Brees has in his career. While Rodgers likely won’t catch Brees in most statistical categories, he shouldn’t come near interceptions.

Rodgers has a near identical playoff record at 9-7 while Brees has only gone 8-6. Rodgers has also played in three NFC Championship games going 1-2 and Brees will be going into his third Sunday. The playoffs success is really a wash until this season wraps up. If the Saints win out, it could be a different discussion.

The Case For Brees

Brees has all the records and stats behind him. He has played longer then Rodgers but for Rodgers to catch Brees in touchdowns, it would take 35+ over the next five years. Rodgers has only thrown at least 35 touchdowns only four times in his 10 years as a starter.

Brees is also the only passer to throw for multiple 5,000 yard seasons and holds the record for completion percentage. Brees broke the career passing yards record this year and is chasing down the career touchdown passes.

Brees has been a stats machine since he arrived in New Orleans with Sean Payton. He is also the most successful QB in Saints history bringing the team their first Super Bowl.

Most impressive is what Drew Brees has done for the Saints. He took a long time bottom dweller and made them competitive year after year. Brees has only missed one game due to injury with the Saints and has kept them relevant every year he has played. Like Rodgers, Brees has consistently had one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Even in years with the bottom ranked defense, the Saints continued to have a high powered offense never finishing worse then 9-7.

Does Sunday Give Drew A Clear Lead?

With the NFC Championship about here, where would a win put Brees? This would be his second Super Bowl appearance. It would give Brees the lead for NFC titles. Some would say the Brees had a leg up whether they had a great season or not. But if Brees gets two his second Super Bowl, what will that do for his legacy?

Who do you think is the better QB? If you had to pick one to start a franchise with when both were in their prime, who would it be? Let us know below!

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