Chara Wins Wrestling Match Against Maroon

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TD Garden went wild when Zdeno Chara and Patrick Marron dropped the gloves. Big Z confronted Maroon after he landed a big hit on fellow defensemen Charlie MacAvoy. Most fans were expecting a heavyweight slugfest, but what they got was a wrestling match. A few punches were thrown, but Chara’s strength was enough to drag down Maroon fairly quickly. Both combatants headed to the tunnel and no one appeared to be hurt. On his way out captain Zdeno Chara gave McAvoy a friendly pat on the back as if to say “I’ve got your back little buddy”.

It was a little disappointing we didn’t see a more traditional fight. Then again what can you reasonably expect? Chara is upwards of 40 years old and Maroons hit was hardly malicious. Not to mention, Chara is the son of a world class wrestler..

Go B’s

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