Saints Looming Question and Answer at Receiver was on Field Sunday

The Saints are having one of the best seasons in franchise history. With a date set for the Conference Championship, the Saints have other priorities to focus on. But the offseason is coming quick and the Saints will soon have to answer a question of slot receiver.

Ted Ginn has been great but also can’t play forever. Ginn is 33 years old and unfortunately that is typically near the age of retirement. While I would love to see Ginn stick around in the black and gold, the Saints also need to look into bolstering the position. When Ginn was injured earlier in the year it turned into the Michael Thomas show. Thomas is one of the best in the league but getting him some help would go a long way. Enter Golden Tate.

The Saints have options with a few receivers on IR and a rookie in Tre’quan Smith, but it is a lot of unknown. Cam Meredith was coming off a knee injury but ended up on IR, Dez Bryant made it two days before tearing an Achilles and Brandon Marshall, yeah.

So the answer could lie with Golden Tate if he hits the free agent market. The Saints have some of their own guys to square away but also have quite a bit of free cap space the next two years.

Golden Tate also put together a solid season while learning on the fly after being traded to Philadelphia. Tate ranked as the 44th best receiver in the NFL and had a PFF grade of 71 on the season. (50 is an average NFL season.

Tate has come out and said he wants to be on a contender and have a chance to win it all. He will be 31 next season but the Saints would be a great spot. Drew Brees is a receivers dream and the Saints will be a Super Bowl contender until Brees retires. Tate could be the Lance Moore type to compliment Michael Thomas. Tate isn’t an Antonio Brown level superstar, but he is talented and is a proven commodity. He could also be that piece that makes the Saints offense even more dangerous.

Let us know what you think below. Would you welcome Golden Tate or rather stick with someone on the roster?

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