Notre Dame Loses Star for Season

Seeing Garnsey not playing for Notre Dame isn’t the most shocking thing to happen. I just wouldn’t have expected it to be like this. Garnsey has had a very up and down career at Notre Dame since his arrival. First he came onto the scene and took the ACC by storm in his freshman season. Then rumors about him transferring to Virginia popped up but he ultimately decided to stay. Last season he didn’t start for the first few games of the season and finished it off by starting the last nine games.

So while Garnsey was exciting to watch and was an offensive powerhouse, this is just another chapter. This also isn’t the first time that Notre Dame fans have seen this. It wasn’t long ago that QB Everett Golston was suspended for cheating on a midterm following their undefeated season.

Notre Dame likely can’t reproduce the numbers Ryder Garnsey was expected to give them. But they will still be in good hands. Connor Morin was the ninth recruit in the country last season and received some playing time. He will likely step in the fill the role left by Garnsey’s departure.

Now all eyes will turn to Bryan Costabile as the midfielder will be the top goal scorer on the Irish offense. The Notre Dame offense could see a dip in production as Garnsey was projected to score 31 goals this season. But thanks to strong recruiting classes and returning players, the Notre Dame offense should have some time to find their footing.

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