Kyler Murray is Headed to the NFL, But Should He?

Murray has officially announced he is going to pass up on baseball and give the NFL a shot. The Heisman Trophy winner was a highlight reel all season long and helped guide the Sooners to the playoff. While he chose football and passed up on a 4.66 million signing bonus from the A’s, was it the right call?

If Murray gets drafted in the first round, bust or not, it will be the right decision. He could even make his money and head back to baseball if the NFL doesn’t pan out.

But looking at the other side is if he doesn’t go in the first. Rumors have been floated out there that most NFL GM’s see him as a second or third rounder. So while Baker Mayfield has a contract for over 33 million. But if Murray falls to the third round, the average contract is 3.3 million but only $756,000 is guaranteed.

So Murray is gambling that he will go early and make all his money. But if he slips he could lose out on millions form his baseball contract. There is also the prospect of Murray getting hurt in the NFL. He is an incredible athlete and can run like few QB’s ever could. The issue is Murray is small. Like smaller then Baker Mayfield and Drew Brees. The small QB narrative has been proven wrong with a few smaller QB’s breaking into the league, but they also play a different game. Brees and Mayfield are pocket passers with some athleticism but their game isn’t built around running. Murray carried the ball 140 times this season.

For any QB, 140 carries is a lot and that number will drop once he gets to the NFL. But to think he will just become a precision passer would be lying to yourself. Murray plays a lot like Robert Griffin III.

Both were mobile QB’s in the Big 12 that were not only great runners but accurate. The problem is RG3 couldn’t stay healthy and he wasn’t playing against Big 12 defenses in the NFL. RG3 is also significantly bigger then Murray is and Griffin couldn’t stay healthy. Now Murray could model himself after Russel Wilson and he could have a bright future.

The problem is Wilson went to a good coach and had a good system and team to build around him. Wilson was asked to do very little his first few seasons until he came into his own. That is very rare that everything goes well like that. Murray could go onto a special NFL career but it is a big gamble. Getting drafted in the first round to a team with a good coach and system in place doesn’t happen often and that is what Murray is gambling on.

Baseball looks like it would be the safer bet to make his money and have a long career. The A’s were rumored to give him even more money and the MLB was going to wave rules for him. I can appreciate someone turning down money to follow their dream but would also hate to see such a talent not get paid what they deserve. It will likely be a few years before we get a true answer to this, lets just hope he treats the NFL like a Big 12 defense.

Let us know what you think below. Should Murray go to the NFL or is the MLB the safe bet?

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