Possibility of Notre Dame and a Transfer QB

The playoff loss is in the rear view and 2019 will be here soon enough. Notre Dame is likely set up long term at QB but the narrative has been mentioned more then once. If you switched Trevor Lawrence and Ian Book in the playoff, that game would have looked far different.

While I do think the young Lawrence is the better QB, that isn’t a knock on Book. Book is a first time starting redshirt sophomore still trying to find his way. He is a good QB and will continue to develop. Lawrence is also a first time starting freshman but came in as a five star QB. So to compare the two wouldn’t be totally fair.

I also don’t think Book is the future with Jurkovec in waiting, but he is a great place holder and proven he can win games until Jurkovec is ready.

Now Jurkovec could be ready for next year or Book could make some improvements to hold onto the job so this conversation could be for nothing. But on the flip side, a one year elite place holder could put Notre Dame over the top and get Jurkovec another year if he isn’t ready.

Quarterbacks On The Move

Tate Martell, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Austin Kendall and more are on the move this off season as it has been the year of the transfer. Now Justin Fields has already announced he is going to Ohio State so he is out of the picture. But the former five star player is on the move and he isn’t the only one, that is the reason for bringing his name up. So would Notre Dame take a shot at a QB on the move for a year?

Martell is an unproven guy that was brought in under Meyer at Ohio State. He is a huge potential guy and has more then a year of eligibility. It is tough to judge him with such little playing time. But the redshirt sophomore is a two time Gatorade player of the year and never lost a game in high school. He was also ranked as the 56th player in the country in 2017. With the Justin Fields news, Martell is looking for a new home.

Martell is a hot commodity in college football and is likely headed back to the West Coast. He is a California native and the mobile QB would fit well into a Chip Kelly system. He also doesn’t come up on the short list of favorites to land him but seeing how he is a high profile player and moved to the Midwest, it isn’t out of the question.

While it isn’t impossible, Martell is unlikely. Now that doesn’t mean everyone is out of the question. But even Khalil Tate of Arizona is rumored to transfer.

I won’t dive in and break down every QB to see the chances. With all of these high profile QB’s throwing their hat in the transfer portal, Notre Dame could decide to make a run at one of them. Notre Dame is also a great spot for a QB to try and make a run for one more year. They were just in the playoff and a high level QB could be what puts Notre Dame over the top.

The Future is Two Years Away

The QB to run the Notre Dame offense and be what they are looking for will be on the roster soon. Phil Jurkovec is a four start recruit who had offers from Alabama, Clemson, Michigan State and a host of others. He was a top 100 player and has the measurables that you look for.

Then there is the 2020 commit, Drew Pyne. He is also a four star top 100 player with an impressive host of offers. Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan and much more. While he’s still two years from wearing the blue and gold, he has committed to Notre Dame as of now.

These are the guys that can help put Notre Dame over the top and will have time to develop. Both Jurkovec and eventually Pyne won’t be needed to unless a major injury were to happen. If they need time to polish their game they can and a transfer QB isn’t needed. Book can continue to grow and really mold himself into a high level quarterback. But if Notre Dame did decide to make a run at someone in the transfer portal, it could help short term.

Whether Notre Dame decides to keep the roster as is or make a late recruiting push, they will be fine. Put at the same time with some talent on the move, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to explore some options.

Let us know what you think below. Should Notre Dame take a look at some quarterbacks looking for new schools or double down with the roster they have?

2 thoughts on “Possibility of Notre Dame and a Transfer QB

  1. Notre Dame moved the ball all thru the game. Those miscues in the 2nd quarter, just put us behind the 8 ball going into the second half. We didn’t settle for field goals. Mind you we were in the red zone 4 times in the 2nd half and came away with no points.

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