Attitude Aside, Buffalo Needs a Playmaker

The drama has been in full force for the Steelers. Antonio Brown is just another piece of the problem for Pittsburgh and looks like he could be on the move.

So with a young QB that needs help, a lack of a high end weapon and a stock pile of picks, why not? Antonio Brown would be an immediate threat for Buffalo and would help with the Josh Allen development. He also is someone that draws extra attention which would help open up other receivers. Josh Allen is also a mobile QB so one player could cause some issues for any defense.

Is He Worth a First?

A big question would have to be if he is worth a first. At the same time you have to ask, would he be better then the player Buffalo would draft in the first round? Brown is a top three receiver but he is also aging and has an obvious attitude problem.

It wouldn’t be worth multiple draft picks to chase an aging hot head receiver. But if he would help Allen grow and become a franchise QB, he would be worth more then a draft pick.

Could Buffalo Fix a Diva

Brown has been dragged by Steelers players, fans and the media. But very few are talking about the other side of this entire situation. Le’veon Bell refused to sign his franchise tender and sat out for the season. James Harrison has had issues with the Steelers and even Big Ben has butted heads with Steelers higher ups.

I’m not trying to play off that Brown is not at fault or not a diva receiver. But Buffalo has handled this situation before. Terrell Owens was a head case but had no issues in Buffalo and was productive in his time. Now that was years ago under a different regime, but that would be a similar situation. A troubled receiver with talent that can help the team.

At the end of the day, Brown could be a headache but also has massive upside. The Bills need to build the offense and by trading for Brown it would help an immediate issue. It would also keep him out of the division as the Patriots and Jets have been rumored to be interested. Brown could end up being a disaster and Buffalo would lose their first round pick. But Brown is a proven commodity and Buffalo could also end up with another Aaron Maybin.

Let us know what you think below. Is Antonio Brown worth the gamble or is that too much risk?

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