Bama Isn’t Going Anywhere

I’m not overly crazy about Alabama fans. Actually SEC fans in general for that matter. Rooting for your rivals against out of conference teams just because they are in the SEC is strange. But Alabama is arguably the best dynasty ever despite a blowout title game loss so fair enough. Even with that being the worst loss since Saban did that to Alabama at LSU, Saban isn’t going anywhere.

The dynasty isn’t dead and the number one recruiting classes are likely to roll on. But some of these Alabama fans just seem to forget that they have been on top of the college football world for 10 years.

Now a lot of the trend is people making fun of spoiled Bama fans. But this hashtag was trending and it was started by Alabama fans that really felt Saban has lost the program. The guy that went 14-1, never missed a playoff and multiple titles. Alabama is a dynasty that will roll on as long as Saban is there. He lost to the other top tier program in the country. If that game was played 10 times, Bama would win almost half and be competitive in all but one or two. Clemson had their number and executed. Alabama turned the ball over inside the 25 multiple times and there was some questionable play calling.

This just wasn’t Alabama’s best game and Clemson came out ready to go. I want the dynasty to end as much as anyone. But as long as five star players keep rolling into Tuscaloosa, I don’t see much changing. Clemson is the only other team in the country with the same record and amount of national championship wins the last four years. Everyone needs to take a step back and remember that the best college coach of all time is still in red. He also sold his soul to the devil so I wouldn’t hold my breath on any change. Just like the people that try to call the Patriots dynasty over the last few years. They are always wrong after a the call it dead after a loss. Enjoy the off season because the rematch will be taking place this time next year.

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