Could Notre Dame Ever Really Hire Meyer?

Brian Kelly’s team had a rough showing in a big game, Kelly is getting NFL interest and Urban Meyer just “retired”. Just about anyone could have seen this story line coming. So the question is, would Notre Dame ever hire Urban Meyer?

Just at the surface, Meyer did step away, again. So I don’t see him coming out of retirement again until 2020. He took a season off last time so I don’t really see how he could take a job a few months later.

Another point is how legitimate is the Brian Kelly to the NFL news. This isn’t the first time we have heard rumblings that teams were interested in bringing Kelly in for an interview. These rumors always seem to pop up after a big year for Notre Dame. This could just be rumors leaked by Kelly’s camp to help with pay raises and extensions from Notre Dame. Nick Saban does this every few years at Alabama and it has worked well for him.

I will throw it out there for those that don’t know, I am a big Kelly supporter. I believe he has an incredibly tough job and coaching at Notre Dame is one of the toughest jobs in the entire country. He has to get kids to come to Notre Dame where grades and classes actually matter.

You don’t get players with this mentality at Notre Dame. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this way of thinking for five star guys. But Notre Dame is an academic school and the school portion actually matters. So while the lack of elite five star players is frustrating, Kelly is fighting an uphill battle.

Urban’s History

Now I’m also not naive, Urban Meyer is the better coach. That isn’t a knock on Kelly, Meyer is just a top three coach in college football. However, no matter how great of a coach Meyer is, I don’t see how Notre Dame could sell him to the fan base. Championships are great and winning usually cures all but there is a lot of scandal and baggage that comes with Meyer.

From the Ohio State assistant coach being accused of domestic violence and Meyer ignoring. Or that his 2008 National Championship Gators had 41 players on the roster that were arrested at some point. Programs reach the highest level but problems are not far behind. Notre Dame has always prided themselves as being a high end, upstanding institution. Hiring Meyer would pretty much say they were throwing that out to win a title.

This conversation started because of the belief that Meyer wanted to coach Notre Dame since his days as an assistant. He turned down the job out of Utah to take the Florida job. Florida was in a better spot at the time and he put together quite a run from 2005-2010.

That was a long time ago before the history Meyer has left behind in the recent years. A title is what every fan dreams of, but at what cost? Giving up everything you stand for just to win a title would end up looking bad years down the road. He also typically leaves the programs in rough shape after he inevitably leaves. It just seems like a big gamble for a lot of long term issues. I’m not saying it is impossible, just unlikely.

Would you welcome Urban Meyer if he were to replace Kelly? Let us know below!

3 thoughts on “Could Notre Dame Ever Really Hire Meyer?

  1. Yes! Love Kelly but if he leaves would love to have Meyer. Lou Holtz had baggage from Arkansas and Minnesota and that turned out ok.

  2. Absolutely. Meyer already coached at Notre Dame as an assistant. We’ve had players arrested too! Let’s get off of our high horse for once and let the interview process determine if there is an issue.

  3. Heck yes would take Meyer, we can overcome the baggage. We can’t continue overcoming the beat downs in big games.

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