College Football Fans Now Have A New Fight, PETA

So PETA is at it again. College football fans have been arguing since the playoffs and bowl season have kicked off. Does Notre Dame belong, does UCF get a shot, what about Georgia? None of that matters now, we can focus our anger on PETA.

I know they do great things for animals. Hell, when Bevo almost trampled UGA, I was ready to fight Bevo. I would have lost because I’m out of shape. Bevo is just lucky I haven’t started by New Years Resolutions yet.

But for PETA to call an end to live animals is absurd. That is a tradition as old as time. Do you know what happens when you get rid of mascots? You get this

Explain to me how that is better?

So while Canadians are clubbing baby seal and Stanford is committing border line war crimes with that mascot. PETA is trying to ruin college football. Let’s all come together as one and get PETA back to saving the whales.

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