Defending Champs* Have Hands Full With LSU

(*Only claimed by a delusional fan base with no respect from the rest of the country)

UCF has been on a tour after not losing a game over the last two years. The fans have been unbearable but it looks like it is coming to an end. The fourth best SEC team is giving UCF all they can handle with a 10 point lead over the self proclaimed defending champs.

It doesn’t matter that UCF played a FCS schedule or only beat Memphis by one, it hasn’t stopped the fans. UCF has talent but I, like most, cannot wait for this loss to happen. I also know that UCF fan base will say that their starting QB missing the game would make the difference. Well…

It is too bad this is all about to end. I can’t tell my kids how a non power five team was back to back undefeated champs. At least I can still look back at the fond memories of Boise State or Northern Illinois beating up the MAC a few years ago.

1 thought on “Defending Champs* Have Hands Full With LSU

  1. All nice and good re UCF, but are we going to ignore the fact that ND had no business playing in playoff? Get into a conference…

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