Saints History Lies in Hands of Bridgewater

 New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said Friday that Bridgewater will start at quarterback in place of Drew Brees against the Carolina Panthers. The Saints (13-2) have the luxury of resting some starters since they locked up the NFC’s No. 1 playoff seed last weekend.
It also will be a showcase for Bridgewater, 26, who figures to be one of the NFL’s most intriguing free agents in 2019.

(via ESPN)

Teddy Bridgewater is finally getting the chance to see some real action in New Orleans. On the surface this looks like a meaningless game and doesn’t have any real implications on the line. But history is within grasp and it comes down to a group of second stringers led by Teddy Bridgewater.

The Saints come into Sunday with a record of 13-2. A loss against the Panthers would finish the season tied for a franchise best 13-3 which the Saints set on the way to their Super Bowl win. But a win would set a new high water mark for the Saints if they can pull out a win against the Panthers third string QB.

While a new franchise high win total would be nice, that isn’t the real story line. When the Saints traded for Bridgewater, everyone figured this was the QB of the future for New Orleans. Brees only has so much time left in the black and gold and the Saints are starting to scramble to find his replacement. Taysom Hill could be the answer but he wasn’t a great passer in college. I don’t think he is going to find some magic in his late 20’s and become a good passer.

Bridgewater had a very good college career at Louisville and looked solid at times with the Vikings before his injury. The problem is retaining his rights as he can leave for free agency at the end of this season. The Saints would have to resign in but that would come down to a few factors. Bridgewater is already going to be playing against a solid defense and be surrounded by mostly backups. If he does have a great game, teams that need a QB could come calling and pay more then the Saints are willing to and Bridgewater would have to agree to continue being backup until Brees retires.

The best option here is for Bridgewater to have a solid game but not have a historic game. The clock is running out on finding a heir for the Saints and if Bridgewater leaves it could be a whole lot of Garrett Grayson’s for the next few years. A shot at making history is great and would love to see it but I also would rather lock up the future. A win would be special but a top notch game could result in Bridgewater taking the money and running.

Is Bridgewater the QB of the future or will Taysom Hill get his time at quarterback? Let us know below

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