Playoff Blowouts Could Push For Expansion

Both of those games were pretty brutal to watch unless you were a fan of the winning teams. Oklahoma was able to make it look competitive in the end but it was never really as close as the score showed. With these two games following a trend of blowouts in the semifinals, this could further push for expansion.

Notre Dame was told they were overrated and Oklahoma shouldn’t have been there. People wanted Georgia and Ohio State made a strong push to be in. The problem comes down to leaving out a team that is undefeated or put together a great season.

I agree that Georgia could have been a real issue for any playoff team this season. The problem is when looking at their resume, they lost to every good team they played. They played well in the games they lost but even one loss hurts your chances. Ohio State never recovered from their Purdue loss and even after dismantling Michigan, it wasn’t enough. So the answer is to expand the playoff field.

Notre Dame belonged in the playoff. If it wasn’t for their first team All-American missing almost half the game, it would have been a lot closer. They abused his backup to the tune of two touchdowns in two and a half minutes. Not to mention they drove down the field by consistently targeting him. Oklahoma also got their doors blown off but this was the best offense in college football. They won the redemption game against the only team they lost to. Georgia took Alabama to the wire and coaching is what lost them that game. I still don’t buy Ohio State but I get the argument.

Some people think that expansion is a waste of time but there are 130 FBS teams, only four make the playoff. The talent between team 1 and team 25 is a vast difference. The talent between team 4 and team 7 is a lot closer and would make a competitive game. The answer isn’t 16 teams and maybe eight teams is too much, but an expansion is needed.

There are more then three good teams this season and Georgia should not be left out. At the same time, leaving out the best offense in football with the Heisman Trophy winner wouldn’t be right. Also looking at the history of blowouts in the playoff show the committee hasn’t figured it out yet. Adding two to four more teams would be what is needed that everyone belongs gets in. For the years that an undeserving team sneaks in would just end in the result we already see every year. At the end of the day everyone would win. The fan bases get to see their team in a playoff game, the NCAA gets more money and everyone gets better games.

Is four enough or is it time for expansion? Let us know below!

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