It’s beginning to look a lot like the Winter Classic

With the 2019 Winter Classic between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins coming near, it’s one of my favorite times of year. No, not Christmas…It’s time to watch the Winter Classic rink get built.

At Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, you can see that things are beginning to take form.

But if ‘m being honest, watching the time lapses of these rinks getting built makes me go from 6 to midnight.

WOOOO Look at that MF ice. 8 layers of ice to make a sheet about 2 inches thick, can’t wait to see what the game looks like on New Years day. Though outdoor NHL games have become a little overdone in the past few years, just because of a plethora of games, watching the rinks get built in these outdoor venues always gets me going.

That might only be because there’s no NHL hockey on right now, and this is all I have to keep me entertained while at home for the holidays besides the eggnog and whiskey. Watching these traditionally football or baseball stadiums transform and become way cooler hockey rinks is great.

I mean look at this place. Just need to get a hockey stick in Touchdown Jesus’s hands and were GOOD TO GO.

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