Mayfield Should Win ROY Over Barkley

Week 17 will probably be the deciding factor before voters pick the top rookie. But that rookie should be Baker Mayfield.

Barkley has had an incredibly impressive season and has lived up to the hype after being selected second. I don’t have any real negatives against him and wouldn’t be surprised if he were to win, I just don’t think he should.

Both have impressive rookie stats when comparing the two. Baker was able to put together a solid season despite coaches being fired and sitting behind Tyrod Taylor to start the season. Barkley has been pretty dominant and has been arguably the best offensive weapon on the Giants. The reason for Baker being more deserving is his feat is more impressive.

Barkley has been a great weapon and has a bright future in the NFL. He also has arguably the best receiver in the game and seems to disappear when Odell is out.

Baker has carried the Browns to being relevant until week 16 and had them in a playoff hunt. Again, this is after starting the season on the bench and losing both his OC and head coach. Running the offense on one of the worst teams as a rookie who loses his coaches is already tough enough. But he answered the call by giving the Browns one of the best season in years and probably has this team playoff bound if he starts all year.

At the end of the day, Barkley is a great rookie weapon on a 5-10 team. The last two weeks he has totally disappeared and he has been hot and cold all year. Barkley is a great back and will easily end up top five sooner rather then later. When Mayfield wasn’t playing, the Browns were an absolute dumpster fire. He is the more important piece to his team and deserves to be awarded for it. That and the kid is entertaining as hell.

It will crush Colin Cowherd, but Baker is not only better then Sam Darnold, he is the rookie of the year.

Let us know what you think below, Is Baker The ROY or is Saquon more deserving?

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