Harbaugh Leaving Michigan is Picking Up Steam

The reports have been leaking out that the Jets want to interview Jim Harbaugh for the soon-to-be coaching vacancy in New York. It has been reported by Fox Sports, CBSSports and SI.com. The Jets have since said they aren’t interested but with everyone picking this story up, it came from somewhere.

Harbaugh has also said he is committed to staying at Michigan and will not be leaving. But I just feel like I have heard this before.

I totally get that everyone has to protect their interests and recruiting and (enter a bunch of other stuff). But Harbaugh has started to wear out his welcome.

It is probably unfair for the push back that Harbaugh gets as he has been waaaay better then the Rich Rod era. He has made Michigan relevant and has put together good seasons and better recruiting classes.

But he was also brought in to beat Ohio State and get Michigan to the playoff. I get as a fan base it can be frustrating to see everyone around you getting in. It is also tough to appreciate what you have while it is in front of you. He is a top 15 coach being paid like the best coach in the entire country, after some missed opportunities and losses, people will start to complain.

Now the Jets can be his clean slate and he has all the tools at his disposal. A rookie QB with promise, 100 million in cap space and a solid defense to work with. Obviously things change and the coaching carousal hasn’t even started yet. All I’m saying is, if you’re in the New York City area, I would buy stock in Khakis.

Let us know what you think below, is Harbaugh destined for an NFL return or locked into the Michigan job?

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