Drew Brees is Own Worst Enemy for MVP

With Brees likely to miss week 17 after beating the Steelers, his regular season is over. There still is the off chance he plays with reports that Sean Payton won’t say who will and won’t play. But I think it is a safe bet, at most Brees will play a few series to get to 4,000 yards.

While Brees didn’t have a statistical year like we have seen in the past, the offense is different. This isn’t the wide open, air it out offense of 2008. 2018 has brought balance to the Saints and they are better for it.

While Brees doesn’t have 5,000+ yards and 40+ touchdowns, he has still been terrific. He has completed 74.4% of his passes this year which is just unheard of. It will break the record he set previously and is even more amazing at 39 years of age. He also led the Saints to an NFL best 13-2 record and carries a QB rating of 115.7.

The race really comes down to Brees and Mahomes for the MVP this season and Brees’ history may hurt him. For years Brees has put up eye popping numbers that everyone has been accustom to seeing. Brees is the only QB in history to have multiple 5,000 yard seasons. Brees has been a consistent force for years and everyone has just gotten use to it.

Now Mahomes comes into the league and he is the hot new thing everyone fell in love with. Mahomes has been great, I won’t take that away from him, but Brees is the MVP. I won’t say clear as Mahomes had a hell of a year, but it is pretty clear.

The Case Against Mahomes

The most Valuable player is Brees when looking at the two. Mahomes has more yards and touchdowns on the season with almost 70 more attempts. Brees has also not been more efficient but also better in the clutch.

Mahomes has lost every big game he has been in. To add onto that, You could look at games like the Rams and point to Mahomes having five turnovers. On the other side is Brees who has less total turnovers then Mahomes has interceptions. Brees also leads the NFL in game winning drives with seven while Mahomes only has two.

I know everyone loves fireworks but when you turn the ball over nearly 20 times and have a bad defense, you get a lot of offensive opportunities. Brees doesn’t have these eye popping numbers but he has been the most efficient QB in the NFL. He doesn’t put his teams in bad spots and when the game is on the line, he gets the job done.

It seems it could go either way with the voters but Brees MVP game was Sunday. Driving his team down and winning the game against the Steelers while Mahomes lost against Seattle is what you needed to see. Brees doesn’t have the yardage or the stats he use to, but he is a major reason the Saints are the top team in the NFC. On the other side is a Chiefs teams that has lost three of their last five and could end up a five seed.

Alex Smith was able to consistantly get this team to the playoffs. All you have to ask is how different of a season this would be without Brees and you know who the real MVP is.

Let us know what you think below, is Mahomes the MVP or does Brees get the nod despite less yards and touchdowns?

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