Is it Time to Shut Down the Taysom Hill Project

The Saints locked up the conference for the second time in franchise history. While it is a time for celebration, there is an issue that should be brought up. Is it time to shut down Taysom Hill at QB?

I get he is crazy athletic and makes plays all over the field. He has multi uses and belongs on the roster and on the field, just not throwing passes. He is 3-7 with an interception this season and his longest pass was under thrown and caused a penalty.

Hill is dynamic and exciting but teams have started to figure him out. It also doesn’t make sense to keep taking the ball out of Drew Brees’ hands. His interception yesterday against the Steelers was on Sean Payton and Pete Carmichael. They just got to cute with the offense. Why give it to someone that was a below average passer at BYU when you have one of the best QB’s ever?

Taysom Hill has earned his right to a few touches a game and I don’t want to take that away from him. It just has to change how he goes about getting them. The read option still works at time and it is a bit of change of pace. However, he should not be throwing the football more then 15 yards downfield. One of the best, most accurate passers in NFL history should not be splitting out wide while a glorified running back shot puts a ball into double coverage.

Let us know what you think below, should Hill be given more chances to grow or has he shown enough to let Brees handle it?

5 thoughts on “Is it Time to Shut Down the Taysom Hill Project

  1. Oh quit griping. Brews has done far worse. The Saints won.T Hill is Awesome. I wish the Saints would play him more. Who Dat baby!

    1. Yes, u love Taysom, he is brilliant. I believe that him and Drew will work the kinks out those plays as with all the team members. I know other players get nervous when he hits the field. Go Who Dat. We coming back hard and strong.

  2. I had rather he be given a chance at QB in this next game to keep Brees off the field and away from harm. As you have pointed out, he has not had the snaps and I’m thinking of grooming someone to replace Brees. He’s not getting any younger and one day would make a great QB coach.

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