Media’s Disrespect of Notre Dame Puts Pressure on Clemson

Notre Dame vs Clemson in Dallas is officially under two weeks away. I think it is fair to speak for everyone, we are all ready for the game to get here. One other topic I feel comfortable speaking for everyone, we are pretty tired of the disrespect. It is obviously frustrating, but also not the worst thing ever.

I absolutely love Notre Dame but I can also be critical of them. Just like having a favorite musician, you don’t have to love every song they make to appreciate what they do. One thing Notre Dame struggles with is being thrust in the spotlight and meeting/exceeding expectations.

So that is where all this media disrespect is really a blessing for the Irish and putting all the pressure on Clemson. ESPN recently released a picture for the upcoming bowl season and it looked like someone was missing.

I’m not sure how you spin this but leaving out one playoff team that ESPN constantly questioned is a tough look. But really this just takes all the pressure off of Notre Dame.

In the eyes of the media and the public, Notre Dame doesn’t belong and shouldn’t even be there. ESPN is leaving them off the bowl season picture and everyone said Notre Dame needs to join a conference to prove themselves. Notre Dame has nothing to lose.

Clemson is almost a two touchdown favorite and everyone has already chalked them up to playing Alabama in the National Championship. So Notre Dame doesn’t have anything to lose and get to prove everyone wrong.

In 2012 Notre Dame was the number one team and had all the pressure on them as they took on a much better Alabama team. The game was a disaster as most of us remember and Notre Dame crumbled in the spotlight.

Clemson is a very talented team but also a flawed team that Notre Dame can exploit. Brian Kelly needs to show up here and prove he deserves the Coach of the Year Award he just took home. But having everyone talking about how undeserving Notre Dame is just helps the bulletin board material. 

Let everyone hate on Notre Dame. It wasn’t long ago that everyone said Notre Dame wouldn’t beat Michigan. Then it was the Notre Dame struggles early in the year before the switch to Ian Book. This team has been disrespected weekly but keep coming out on top. Let the media keep building the Clemson hype train, it is all setting up the upset.

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