Is 2018 Cemented as a Great Season or Does it Need More?

I posed the question on Twitter because of all the back and forth. Notre Dame fans seem to argue over quite a bit and deciding if 2018 is a great season has fallen into that list. So has the 2018 season been great?

Brian Kelly has made some major changes to get Notre Dame to where they are and it started in 2016. After Notre Dame went 4-8, a good portion of fans wanted BK fired. I actually thought he should be kept simply because I didn’t know who Notre Dame would get that is better.

So I am in no place to be one of the “I told you so” people with the BK turn around. I just didn’t think there were great candidates at the time. But now Brian Kelly has made major strides to not only turn around Notre Dame, but to put himself in the upper echelon of coaches.

After wrapping up his second undefeated season and three 10 win seasons in four years, is this enough? Has Brian Kelly and Notre Dame had a great season to finish undefeated? I would say yes, despite whatever happens in the playoffs, this has been a great year.

Its also understandable of the argument that he needs to win the playoff game or even a championship. I just don’t feel that is the most realistic argument given the landscape of college football. The talent in college football is the best it has ever been. As great as a win would be, I would be happy with a competitive game.

Clemson is one of the best teams in the country and incredibly talented. Notre Dame can win this game but Brian Kelly and company will have their hands full all night.

So with the fan base on both sides of the fence, does this season have to end in a championship? Notre Dame is one of four teams playing in a playoff and remain perfect. Anything but a blowout loss and I would consider this season as great. Few teams have done not only what Notre Dame has done this year but what they have done the last few years. Looking through history proves how tough winning a championship is, but going undefeated has to be right up there.

Let us know what you think below, Has 2018 been a great year or is it National Championship or bust?

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