Is Sean McDermott the Coach of the Future in Buffalo?

Going into Sundays game, Head Coach Sean McDermott is 13-15 in his career.  This is obviously much better then the Chan Gailey era, or the Dick Jouran era- but he’s right on par with Rex Ryan and Doug Marrone in career winning percentage.  And with many controversial personnel changes this season, it has folks wondering if McDermott is the right coach for the job. 

After last season, that had many people believing the roster over exceeded expectations, folks were high on McDermott going into this year after the team added more talent in the draft.  But after 12 games into his second season many Bills fans are wondering if he’s just a defensive coach, and if this is the guy that should be developing a young Quarterback.  A team that was on pace to set a franchise record low in most offensive categories, has climbed its way out of the basement the last few weeks, in large part due to that young Qb, Josh Allen.  

All fans know that a successful football team needs a great QB.  But often times great coaches like Tony Dungey, Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, Norv Turner- get over looked because of the successful QBs they won with.  But what would those QBs be without those great coachs?  Many fans are quick to point out how much McDermott trusted Nate Peterman and continued to start him.  But those fans also fail to praise McDermott for his coaching of Josh Allen.  And as many may remember, just because Josh Allen had big hands and looked good in shorts, he certainly wasn’t unanimously loved when he got here.  But after a few good games all of a sudden he’s the franchise quarterback everyone loves, and McDermott is the problem?  

To any fans clamming for Sean McDermott to be fired, remember that you probably hated that Josh Allen was drafted over Josh Rosen.  He didn’t go from hated to loved without great coaching. Allen was playing at Wyoming which isn’t really a hot bed for football to begin with. Allen has shown great growth and made strides all season long.

This is a team that has had its fair share of issues but also had to work with retirements and players leaving in free agency. Buffalo has 70+ million in cap space and quite a few draft picks to build. Just because there was over achievement in year one, doesn’t mean McDermott lost it this year. He is only in year two and the fans need to remember despite the playoff berth, this is a rebuild.

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