Saints Should Jump On Released Receiver

“The Buffalo Bills on Tuesday waived veteran wide receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes…

The Bills acquired Benjamin, 27, in a trade from the Carolina Panthers in October 2017 for third- and seventh-round picks in the 2018 draft. In 18 regular-season games for Buffalo, Benjamin caught 39 passes for 571 yards and two touchdowns.”

(Via ESPN)

The Saints have been looking for another receiver opposite Michael Thomas for most of the season. We were all excited for Dez Bryant just for it to come crashing down not even two days later. Then there was the Brandon Marshall signing, but I don’t know if he will ever see the field. Enter Kelvin Benjamin.

Benjamin is familiar to Saints fans as the former Panther played against New Orleans twice a year. Benjamin was cut by Buffalo after being traded from the Panthers, so you can say that his career hasn’t gone according to plan. The former first round pick has had weight issues and has seemed unfocused at times, but New Orleans and Brees have a knack for fixing that. It is understandable that New Orleans has needed a receiver with all the injuries, but Brandon Marshall just doesn’t make sense.

Marshall is at the end of his career and he isn’t what the Saints need. The receiving core is full of burners and Thomas who runs precise routes who almost always seems to be open. What they lack is that big body Dez Bryant type of receiver.

Benjamin doesn’t run great routes or always put forth the most effort, but look at the teams he has played for. Carolina and Buffalo aren’t really known for their passing attack. Benjamin was a first rounder for a reason and could be the red zone threat the Saints need. As we saw with the Cowboys game, The Saints need a receiver that can get open and Benjamin has great size and leaping ability. He doesn’t have the talent of Dez Bryant but his game is a lot more similar then Brandon Marshall.

Benjamin is also on his last year of his rookie contract so this is really a prove yourself point in his career. Benjamin wouldn’t be an instant stud, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Is Benjamin worth taking a shot on or is he washed up? Let us know below!

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