Bruins’ Players Are Being Targeted

The Bruins’ need an enforcer. Other teams smell blood in the water and are going after skill players like Bergeron and Krecji because they know no one will stop them. This could spell trouble for young guys like Pasta and Donato. Even Cassidy eluded to this in a post game interview earlier this week .

We could get away with not having a true blood enforcer when we have guys like Miller, and Chara on the ice. With these guys injured, we see even more injuries, just take a look at this hit on Krejci that out him out the rest of the game.

Krejci goes on to get slammed again next game against the Red Wings. In this game, Nordstrom did step up against a guy twice his size to protect his teammates, creating a spark for the B’s in the process. We can all agree this is hard nosed hockey and passion; unfortunately it’s not the same as having a Chara, Miller, or our old enforcers like Lucic, and McQuaid out there, but its better than nothing.

As I’ve discussed in my previous article, these injuries are an integrated part of why the bruins are struggling right now. So one way to alleviate this would be to either get an enforcer or turn someone we already have into one. As thin as they are, the B’s should probably outsource for one, but who knows, maybe Nordy has found a new calling..

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3 thoughts on “Bruins’ Players Are Being Targeted

  1. This isn’t news and it isn’t good writing. To think Nordstrom would be the Bruins tough guy is ludicrous. Target Bruins management for not being able to pull the trigger. More click bait🤪

    1. You must have missed the sarcasm.. although I applaud Nordstrom’s passion, I made it pretty clear the front office should be looking for a new enforcer considering Chara’s health/age.

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