Bertuzzi is a Scumbag: A Headline Circa 2004

Tyler Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi is an absolute Scumbag. What a suckerpunch. Oh, Tyler Bertuzzi… not Todd. But Also Todd.

Tyler Bertuzzi will face supplemental discipline from the NHL Department of Player Safety for a sucker punch that he landed on Matt Calvert of the Colorado Avalanche.

Looks like he learned how to be a scumbag from his shithead Uncle Todd who ALSO suckered an Avalanche player and effectively ended his hockey career, in an event that even has it’s own Wikipedia article.

No question in my mind, Tyler Bertuzzi should face something for this. He drops his glove and throws an uppercut to Calvert’s face, from the bench.

In what world is that okay? I don’t care if you’re pro “old time hockey” or a fan of enforcers. If your on the bench, stay on the bench you moron. And it’d be one thing if it was just the grabbing of the stick, but to grab a guy by the head and drop your glove to sucker him in the face, you deserve whatever the league decides do with you.


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