The Cowboys Loss Was a Blessing In Disguise

A few days have past but that hasn’t stopped the Cowboys fans from claiming it is Super Bowl or bust. It took two months but New Orleans finally suffered another loss and it was the best thing that could have happened. They lost to an out of division team that they have a big lead on during a Thursday night game.

The Cowboys now claim the blue print is out on how to beat the Saints. This gave the Saints a wake up call and told Sean Payton what the team needs to work on. They have a pretty soft schedule over the last four weeks so it is the right time to put these changes into affect. Also having a few extra days to watch tape and look at your flaws doesn’t hurt.

Even better was just how good the defense played. If you tried telling me last week the Saints lost because of Drew Brees and the offense, I wouldn’t believe you. This defense is clicking and growing at the right time. You just gave Payton the answers he needs to tweak this team and you only sit half a game back on the Rams.

The Rams still have to travel and play the Bears in Chicago in mid December. If also have a few conference games left and anything could get weird there. This loss was painful because of how terrible Cowboys fans are to listen to. But give them the false hope and let them scream that they found the blue print, they are five weeks away from heart break.

We have all witnessed how truly talented this Saints team is over the last few months and that isn’t going to change. It was in 2009 the Saints lost their last three and went on to win the Super Bowl. When New Orleans is at their best this season, there isn’t a team that can beat them. They beat the Vikings in Minnesota, they knocked off the Rams and took down the defending Super Bowl champs. When clicking on all cylinders, this is the best team in the NFL.

Dallas was on the beneficiary of multiple questionable calls, a half yard from starting a possession on the half yard line and they could still only win by three. It took Dallas multiple lucky bounces and calls at home to sneak by. All this did was remind the Saints what happens when they slip and they are not perfect. If anything, Dallas has just unleashed Hell for the rest of the NFL and I for one am thankful they did.


Does the loss to Dallas worry you or is it simply a building block for the rest of the year? Let us know below.

2 thoughts on “The Cowboys Loss Was a Blessing In Disguise

  1. Not worried. Just if hype would settle and let them gel with the game. Don’t stop loving the team and being a fan, however, let’em play as beautifully as they do in sync.

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