Where Does Notre Dame Stand After Championship Saturday

The conference championship weekend finished up without any surprises. Georgia took Alabama down to the final minutes but ended up blowing a 14 point lead. Clemson and Ohio State rolled while Notre Dame wrapped up their season last weekend.

The problem is sifting through teams in the 4-6 spots to figure out which one belongs before looking at who gets seeded where. Alabama and Clemson are a lock at the top two spots but it gets murky from Notre Dame down.

Notre Dame has proven that they belong but don’t tell the internet that. Even on ESPN there is debate because Notre Dame didn’t play in a conference championship. Because apparently unless you beat a 7-5 division winner in the last week of the season, you don’t belong.

So here is the best I can see it when looking at the playoff picture. Like mentioned earlier, Alabama and Clemson are a lock in the top two spots. Notre Dame will be in the three spot and despite believing that Georgia should be there, it will be Oklahoma.

The Case For Georgia

Georgia has two losses after dropping one yesterday which all but eliminated them. Alabama has been the best team in the country and Georgia has given them all they could handle the last few times they met. Georgia is loaded with 4-5 star recruits and has a very real chance to knock off Alabama. Oklahoma has probably the best offense in football and probably on of the worst defenses.

This is an Oklahoma team that gave up 40+ to Kansas and had every game just become a track meet. They would score on Alabama, no doubt about it. But they could not stop Alabama on offense. Now it would come down to who had more stops on defense between the two teams. It would be a game that would be betting on Oklahoma’s defense stopping Bama more times then Alabama can stop Oklahoma.

Alabama was able to put up 35 on Georgia so it would be North of 40 points for them against Oklahoma. Georgia deserves to be in for their play against Alabama. Besides Alabama getting away with a few calls, having three fumbles bounce right back into their arms and Hurts coming in playing great, Georgia could of won. If the eye test is so important and constantly talked about when looking at the four best teams. Everyone wanted to write off the Notre Dame win over Michigan because it happened early in the year, then get rid of the LSU loss for Georgia. Alabama was considered maybe the best team ever this season and it took some lucky breaks for Alabama to win.

Notre Dame Stays at Three

If Georgia would have won, keeping Notre Dame at three just wouldn’t have happened. But with that scenario Notre Dame would still be looking at Clemson for the first round. Being undefeated there is no shot that Ohio State gets in with either Oklahoma or Georgia and Notre Dame gets the boot.

After the beat down against Syracuse, Dino Babers said that Notre Dame and Clemson were on the same level. He said they were both very good teams and looked similar. Pat Narduzzi had something a bit different to say after the Clemson loss Saturday.

Narduzzi also said something similar after their Notre Dame loss. Notre Dame played a full FBS schedule and won them all while traveling all over the country. They have earned the spot and if an Ohio State team that lost by four touchdowns to Purdue were to get in, the playoff would lose all credibility.

Everyone keeps complaining that Notre Dame didn’t play in a conference championship but ignore that fact that Ohio State and Alabama have done the same. Notre Dame has one of the toughest schedules in the country and went undefeated, playing a 7-5 division leader wouldn’t change that.

But one thing is becoming even more clear with Notre Dame being a should be lock for the playoff. Expansion is coming and it will be here sooner then later. It was a thought for a few years and Notre Dame just kicked the door in and crashed the party. Whether it grows to six or eight teams I’m not sure, but this won’t be an argument within the next few years.

Does Notre Dame deserve the three spot or will they be pushed out? Let us know below!

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