Notre Dame Is In; Bluebloods are Not Happy

The official CFB playoff rankings have been released and as expected, Notre Dame is in.

The rankings announced earlier today had few surprises as the top three teams stayed the same. Oklahoma was the fourth seed to get in after avenging their one loss to Texas earlier this season.

So with the official rankings out, Notre Dame is headed to Dallas to play Clemson December 29. Two things became more clear with the announcement today. The first is the country, specifically Georgia and Ohio State fans, are up in arms. They feel Notre Dame didn’t deserve the spot because they didn’t play this weekend.

The other thing we learned is the committee didn’t punish Notre Dame for not playing in a conference. That was the biggest speculation before the rankings were released because this was uncharted territory. Teams had made it in after missing their conference championship, but an independent has not been here.

With Notre Dame headed for their first post season appearance, it is time to turn the focus to Clemson. The Fighting Irish have time to catch up on much needed rest and get ready for the biggest game since 2012. Not only is this a prove it game to show everyone that Notre Dame belongs, it is also a game away from a likely Alabama rematch.

Michigan tried to have their own revenge tour but it was over before ever getting started. It is Notre Dame’s turn to show everyone how talented this team really is.

Did the committee get it right? Let us know below.


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1 thought on “Notre Dame Is In; Bluebloods are Not Happy

  1. Everyone knows if Notre Dame loses one game they’re out of it it is almost impossible for them to get in with one loss so quit whining when they go undefeated that’s the risk they run and evidently are willing to take that chance

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