2016 Proves Notre Dame is More Than Worthy

It has been a constant battle trying to convey that Notre Dame belongs in the playoff and very worth of their number three ranking. The Fighting Irish have finished the season undefeated after taking care of the Trojans in California but the narrative is changing.

It use to be that Notre Dame was overrated and they don’t belong. Then they handled Syracuse in a beat down and everyone called Syracuse “not very good”. Now the emphasis is being placed on Notre Dame not being in a conference as championship weekend kicks off this weekend.

So, to prove that Notre Dame belongs, look no further then 2016. That was the season that Ohio State made the playoff despite not playing in a conference championship. To go a step further, Penn State beat Ohio State and won the Big Ten Championship and still missed the playoff. Ohio State went on to get blown out 31-0 by Clemson in the playoff.

Looking at the playoff history as a whole tells a similar story. In the four previous playoffs, three of them had a team that did not win their conference. So If teams don’t even have win or even play in their conference championship, why does Notre Dame have to play in one?

Just to entertain the people that say Notre Dame doesn’t have the resume, I have something for that too.

Notre Dame currently has wins over three ranked teams with wins over No.8 Michigan, No.18 Syracuse and No.21 Northwestern. Notre Dame finished the season out by playing, and beat, 10 straight power five opponents. The Fighting Irish also traveled over EIGHT THOUSAND MILES IN FIVE WEEKS! It doesn’t matter who you play, that is a ton of travel and there were two ranked teams in that stretch.

For anyone that believes Ohio State should be in over Notre Dame must have a bias. Ohio State exposed Michigan but also has a big loss to 7-5 Purdue. The Buckeyes also struggled with Nebraska and Maryland. Notre Dame is one of three teams the belong and there is nothing that can change that.

Clemson got in after losing at home to an 8-5 Pitt team two years ago and lost last season to a 4-8 Syracuse team. Ohio State got in after missing their conference championship in 2016 and Alabama got in last year after losing by two scores to Auburn.

Every argument made against Notre Dame has happened for different teams over the last few years. There are no arguments left, 12-0 Notre Dame is playoff bound.


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