Looking At Brian Kelly’s Future At Notre Dame

Notre Dame is on the verge of the playoffs with just one team left in their way. Brian Kelly also has the Fighting Irish on the brink of a second undefeated regular season since he took over. How much longer can we expect Brian Kelly at Notre Dame at the end of the season?

Colin Cowherd and Joel Klatt were discussing what the future held for Brian Kelly and if this was the peak. I have long been a fan of Brian Kelly, even during the 4-8 season. It isn’t blind loyalty, it is what he has been able to do since he took over that impresses me.

Notre Dame is a private school that puts a lot of emphasis on academics. It is also located in the middle of the country and doesn’t really have the regional perks of a Florida State. So to get recruits to come to Notre Dame is already an uphill battle from the start. There is the history and the prestige to play for Notre Dame but that seems to be losing its luster. Notre Dame doesn’t pick up a major bowl win every year or they seemingly lose the big game almost yearly.

It is tough to talk about all that negative and then try to praise Kelly for everything he built. But Kelly consistently brings in top 25 recruiting classes, has taken Notre Dame to a National Championship and has his third 10 win season in the last four years. These are accomplishments that the last few Notre Dame coaches couldn’t say. The last coach to have three 10+ wins in four years was Lou Holtz, that is good company to be in.

So Notre Dame has had an impressive stretch of games and overall have been competitive for the last few seasons. Brian Kelly has kept the Fighting Irish in the conversation of making the playoff for the last few years and has complied quite a few wins. Is this the peak for Notre Dame?

As mentioned previously, Notre Dame has fans clamoring for the glory days but that just doesn’t seem likely. For one reason or another there are multiple factors to take into account that keep Notre Dame from being an Alabama or a Clemson. This could be the mountain top.

Everyone wants a dynasty and to be in the mix for multiple National Championships, I just don’t see it happening. How many teams would suspend their starting QB for cheating on a midterm? At a football powerhouse, I would be surprised if some SEC schools even made the starters go to class.

Now the rumor is kicking back up that Brian Kelly is putting floaters out their to NFL personnel. This isn’t the first time and Kelly is likely to get offers from both college and NFL teams. As great of a job as Notre Dame is, there are always options with a lot less tape to go through. Brian Kelly could see that Notre Dame can only be taken so far and want to move on to a place that won’t tell him no.

Let us know what you think below. Is Kelly here for the next 20 years or the next 2?

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7 thoughts on “Looking At Brian Kelly’s Future At Notre Dame

  1. I sure hope its less than two, I find it very disconcerting that ppl use the measuring stick that hes the best since Holtz and somehow 10 wins season is considered good enough. 9 seasons-no NC, academic cheating scandal, Manti Teo scandal, student death at practice, vacating wins, 12 yr hstory of not being able to develop qbs, high asst coach turnover, pretty weak coaching tree…..unsure that his recruiting ability outweigh any of the negatives.

    1. Who would you think they could have hired that would have done a better job. Kelly has been under rated ever since he’s been there.

      1. BK is a mid tier coach that has gotten mid tier results. Remains to be seen what will happen this yr, but how much time does he need? another 9 seasons? My first thought is Venerables, but ND has missed several opportunities while waiting on BK to accomplish something. No doubt hes a solid recruiter, but underhires on staff and lays blame on them for his failures.Look at the coaches under him that moved on….Butch Davis-fired from Tenn, Bob Diaco-fired from UConn Brian Van Gorder-Failing at Lousville, Hiestrand and Elko quit. You say hes underrated, but has a failed Memphic HC as OC and first year DC calling the plays, seems to me hes getting the accolades this yr when its the talent of the players, or maybe the OC and DC are just better at coaching than he is????

  2. This is how I’ve felt about Kelly. High end coaches aren’t busting down the door to coach at Notre Dame anymore. Kelly should be appreciated

  3. I get what your saying but I also think its worth noting that he continues to succeed despite the turnover. As far as play calling duties, that isn’t really on him. His responsibilities are leading up to the game during the week. The major fault BK has is having his team ready and play up to their potential. He seems to be doing that this season, but again, USC could be a big test. If Notre Dame loses this game, there could be some questions about his future.

    1. Perhaps Im “old school” and think that everything that goes on with the football team good/bad is on the HC. Just seems to me that so many players/coaches leaving the program to pursue other opportunities. (not graduating players) My opinion is a bit harsher on BK since so many bandwagon fans are claiming he is “great” since ND is winning out thus far, even Chizik (Auburn NC in 10) is considered a mid tier coach. Another thing that comes to mind is that ND reports BK salary at 2.1 mill in 2016, but ND doesnt report everything and it has been reported that its above 4 mill….with that in mind, he is in top 20 highest paid with no substantial results. I wonder how many ppl would jump off the bandwagon if in ’12 they beat Alabama and then had to surrender the NC because of the cheating scandal and NCAA sanctions?

  4. We can’t get the top players we need can’t get them in school, grades and they will leave early.

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