It is Officially USC Hate Week

                                      (Videos from PAC-12 Network and WatchND)

Who would have thought that Notre Dame would be rolling into Southern California undefeated back in August? This is going to be just another chapter in the storied history between the two. A poor season shouldn’t be overlooked when the Fighting Irish take on the Trojans, this is their Super Bowl. So with that, it is officially USC hate week.

Last year was a drubbing and there is nothing better. Wimbush may not be the best passer but he is an absolute gamer. He shined at moments throwing against Michigan this year and made a few key throws last year against USC. While it is unlikely to see Wimbush, Book is here and playing better then ever.

Notre Dame comes into this week showing everyone that they belong. ESPN and the rest of the media were trying to convince everyone that Michigan was the better team. Some even said that Syracuse would upset the Fighting Irish, but they were very, very wrong.

Syracuse had enough though, this is about the beat down the Trojans are about to receive.

USC has had a rough go in 2018 and it isn’t just one issue. QB play has been sloppy, the coaching has been terrible and all seems lost at USC. But come Saturday, this will be the biggest game of their season. Notre Dame just needs to win and they punch a ticket to the playoffs. USC needs a win to salvage the season and become bowl eligible but a win over an undefeated Notre Dame team would be more then enough.

USC has blow out Notre Dame the last two times they met in Southern California. Just like Stanford, Notre Dame seems to win at home and lose away against the Trojans. Except this year is different as we have all witnessed. The last time Notre Dame won in Los Angeles, they went on to a National Championship game.

I’ll have a full in-depth preview out later in the week but I will give you a taste of what it will look like.

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