The NHL is out to get Brad Marchand

Marchand is known around the league as a “little ball of hate”, so its not surprising that he is often in the sin bin. Although he is a well known antagonist, he’s not simply a goon.  #63 is a hard nosed left winger who gets in your head to throw you off your game so that he and his line can pump in goals. In 19 games played he has 6 goals and 14 assists. He is also a key player in the Bruin’s power play with 3 PP goals this season. It’s easy to see what Marchand means to this team; which is why Bruin’s fans are not very happy with his whopping 66 penalty minutes this season. Like I said, time in the sin bin is to be expected with his play style, however; it seems like the NHL is out to get Marchand in the 2018-19 season. I will admit he may cross the line a time or two but some of these penalties are outrageous and its clear he’s a target of the officials.

The guys at NBCSN predicted this would happen last year. It started with the “hit” on Duclair in March of last season. It is clear that Marchand was trying to brace or avoid the hit by Duclair but had little time to react. The NHL reviewed the hit but no suspension was filed. Great right? kinda.. Mike Milbury and Keith Jones pointed out that because of Marchands play style every little thing he does gets scrutinized. As you can see they were right and now it is affecting is 2018-19 season.

Fast froward to this season and we have a “disgusting dive” from Sissons when the Bruin’s played the Predators earlier this month. Marchand gets a high sticking AND unsportsmanlike conduct for this. First off, the high sticking is bogus, then an unsportsmanlike, really? I guess you have to give him the unsportsmanlike for his theatrics but I don’t blame his frustration.


And now the most ridiculous penalty I’ve ever seen. This directly supports what Milbury and Jones predicted. This call is laughable and Jack Edwards worded it perfectly, “There is an open agenda: punish Marchand for past sins”… “What in the name of billy smith is going on here?”. Couldn’t agree more Jack. Marchand was given the slashing penalty and an addition game misconduct for waving a white towel while in the penalty box..



There you have it, the NHL is out to get Marchand. Some can argue that it is warranted given his past and his play style but I think this is garbage. Then again, maybe they’re just trying to keep stuff like this from happening..





Go B’s


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