Doubt is the Best Thing For Notre Dame

We have heard the hate coming from all angles lately. Whether Kirk Herbstreit saying the Irish don’t belong or the UCF QB saying Notre Dame just isn’t as good. It’s frustrating but also not surprising and it is just what Notre Dame needs.

This team is special, not beat Alabama special, but very talented. Everyone has their reasons to say Notre Dame doesn’t belong and while some have valid points, Notre Dame has shown enough. They have won big games away from home, hold a win over a top 5 team and seem to be breaking the Kelly curse in November. While UCF QB McKenzie Milton points to the Pitt game as his reasoning, I think he forgot about Navy. Like I said, some have valid points of concern but most arguments are weak at best.

Despite the impressive season they have put together and the loose or unfounded arguments, everyone continues to doubt and say Notre Dame doesn’t belong. It is better that way and will likely continue until the end of the season.

In 2012, people bought into Notre Dame and the number one ranking they held going into the National Championship. The false belief in Notre Dame wasn’t the only reason they were rolled but it didn’t help. It has always been the game that Notre Dame was supposed to win easily that became a dog fight. When they had their backs against the world and nobody thought they could do it, they pulled off the unthinkable.

Let everyone believe that Notre Dame doesn’t belong and they will have to continue making excuses after an Irish win. Notre Dame is playing with a confidence and a swagger that we haven’t seen in some years. The added pressure of being the very best is gone and they have to go and prove the World wrong one game at a time.

So let everyone hate, Let UCF and their FCS schedule talk about Notre Dame being a poor football team. As long as Notre Dame continues the undefeated run, everyone can tell me how bad Notre Dame is. Come Saturday, all that matters is Syracuse while we all wait and see if UCF can get by Cincinnati.

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