What does Tuukka Rask’s leave of absence mean for the Bruins?

It was announced after the horrendous Vancouver game that Tuukka Rask will be taking a leave of absence for a few days. Last Friday Don Sweeney addressed the media saying that Tuukka Rask is taking his leave for “personal” reasons and this has nothing to do with his health. He also stated he would be back in a few days but we have not heard anything more since. That’s good… right?

My first thought is that this ends up lie the Timmy T situation.. This is exactly what happened when Tim Thomas left, there was a very vague leave of absence that was supposed be a few days and ended up being permanent. I’m not saying that is exactly what is happening here, just pointing out the similarities. It is also worth noting that the Boston Globe reported that one of Tuukka’s long time friends stated that ‘He’s OK’. Again, this is very vague; maybe the vagueness is a hint as to what’s going on or maybe it’s really not a big deal and he will be back soon. It is just as, if not more likely that Rask really does just have some personal or family issues he needs to iron out. In that case maybe Rask can come back with a clear head and get back to his vezina trophy state of goal tending, or atleast a more cosistant state.. Regardless, I do think both the fans and the media should respect his privacy as he requested, but I think fan speculation is relatively harmless..

So we don’t know where he is or when he’s coming back; but what we do know is the Bruin’s have had a couple nice games since he has been gone. Since his departure, the Bruins have handedly defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vegas Golden Knights. In those games, the first line has continued to play outstanding. Marchand continues to dominate on the power play and Pastrnak continues to just dominate on offense. Pastrnak tallied his 3rd hat trick against the maple leafs earning him title of ‘star of the week’. Just look at the smile on this beauty..

In addition, Heinen scored a goal in his 100th NHL game and the B’s new Defenseman Jeremy Lauzon scored his first goal. So the offense seems to be playing well, but our back up netminder seems to be doing well too. Halak heald the Knights and Leafs to 1 goal. Not bad considering the Knights were a powerhouse last year and I personally believe the Leafs are/will be a powerhouse this year. Now I know this is a small sample size but it looks like Rask’s absence has been good for the Bruins. Maybe the absence of a franchise goaltender lit a fire under this team and they realized they need to step up? Maybe the Bruin’s just happened to have two good games and this had nothing to do with Rask? Only time will tell, but I do wish the best for Tuukka Rask no matter what happens.

GO B’s

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